Sunday, July 22, 2012

Seattle - Portland

Finally after weeks of preparation and hard work the packages were shipped and the final bags were packed. There was a mad dash for the airport and then I could relax. If it hadn't been done it was not going to get done if it wasn't packed it wasn't going and there was no use worrying about it.

Nicole of Glass Touch and I said goodbye to hot and muggy! Hello rain and cool nights.
We are off on a glass adventure. 1st stop Seattle and Leslie's house. Some how at my age saying you are crashing at a friend house seem strange but that is exactly what we were doing. the flight got in so late it just didn't make sense to get a hotel room and seeing Leslie was a real treat.
In the morning we had a wonderful breakfast with Bacon!

Then it was time to hit the road for Portland. there were a few side trips on the way. One for all the supplies for my class at the Gathering.

the next was just for the sights. the lilacs were done blooming but wow the hydrangeas were beautiful.
The destination was Bullseye Glass in Portland to pick up the donated glass for the class.
With that taken care of we headed for the next "pad to crash in" We had a fantastic glass studio to stay in and a great 4 legged hostess who only required a walk, some throwing of the ball in the park and a bunny treat or two.
I will try to blog as much as I can this trip to make up for the long July.
We have a fantastic tour guide  here in Portland and she is showing us the sights, the camera has a huge SD card and I will have wi fi and moment or two here and there to share the fun.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Under The Sea

I hardly ever go to the beach. I don't scuba dive but I seem to have a need to make sea creatures in glass.
Whether they are floating around in a tide pool bead or sculpted in the flame I keep making sea creatures. What's up with that?
Maybe I secretly wish I was swimming in the cool water with them instead of sweltering in this heat.
I finished these little fishes, sea urchins and starfish to show students what they will be making in the upcoming Under the Sea classes  at WUB in Southlake/ Grapevine Texas in September, McAllen Stainglass McAllen TX in October and sometime here at Dream Fire Glass.

More on what  I've been up to next week. Right now there are more deadlines and commitments to get done