Thursday, April 2, 2015

Pictures as promised

Here are the pictures I promised in the earlier blog post. These are just a few of the things we will be making in the classes at Glass Craft Expo in Las Vegas this year!

Cane Examples for Twist and Shout
Small Vessels

Purple Flower vessel with bud stopper

Vessel with stopper

Lemon Lime Vessel with Leaves
Hollow Beads


Double Flower

Flower Example

Glass Craft Expo 2015

March was a busy month I got to spend most of it at the torch!
I wanted to make new examples for my classes in Las Vegas. The classes all got a new fresh look and some awesome adjustments to the syllabuses. I like to tweak the classes every year. As I learn more or develop new techniques I want to pass them on to the students. I never want my classes to be "stale" so each year I pull the outlines out review them and "give them a fresh coat of paint"
I learn so much from my students about learning styles, the pace most students work at and what works best to learn a technique. Yes we will make awesome beads, cane ,vessels and flowers but I want them to go home with techniques that will help them in many aspects of working glass.
I will be back later today to post some photos of what we will be doing in class.

Now to pack the dozens of mandrels, tools ,glass ,pounds of paperwork, examples  - oh and my clothes!

See ya in Vegas Baby!