Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's Here! The Hood!

The day we have all been waiting for the hood has arrived!
I spent the last week waiting and getting ready.It is finally here and it is now working!
Here is a quick peek at the fan-  "Big Bertha", "Ziggy" the duct work and the "Go Big or Go home" the hood

Fresh off the truck
 I'll post more about the final push on finishing the studio each day. But for now the HOOD!
Well and the fan too without that "it nova" That's no via really. I guess you have to live in South Texas for that one

Introducing "Big Bertha"
She's a big girl it took 2 men to hoist her up to the roof
dried in and ready to go- she's pretty

Now I think this part is really nice louvers that open when the fan is turned on. how smart is that?

 Now this next little part is "Ziggy" the zig we had to make around a structural beam. Kind of cute in a ductwork kind of way. Actually there were 2 Ziggy's as the 1st one was too tall.

The too Tall

Put them all together and you have a hood with lights and everything

Well that's it for tonight. We are still working away getting ready for the 1st class this Saturday.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Back from Road Trip II

Headed North on 281- a pretty drive
 Yes there are miles and miles of TEXAS and this month I have driven from one end to the other! Far North and Deep South.

I got back on Monday from the road trip to Dallas/Southlake. Teaching at Wired Up Beads was fun! The students were great and good time was had by all. They made lots of sparkly beads (Thank you CBS Dichroic glass) and have some pretty cool buttons to show for it too. Everyday was an adventure in glass.
I got to spend time with Patti Bullard the owner of WUB. We always have fun and lots of laughter.
I even got to go to puppy class with Patti and her new Corgi puppy Tank. Nothing better than a sweet little puppy. I attended the Grapevine Bead Societies meeting and did a demo on halloween beads a bat and a pumpkin.
I know where are the picture? Well the camera is having issues and I can only take about 12 shots before I have to download them. I left the camera dock at home and well that meant no more pictures.

Maybe one of the students will send me some pictures they took and I'll post later.
Look I have some pictures Thank you Micheale

Bobbie's 1st beads ever!

Andi's little tiny cane bundle

Erika making a big bead!

Michaele looking good marvering

Myrt making twisted cane

Yep me with my month open

There is a lot going on at the Studio this week. The torch room is under final construction. Table, gas lines, the hood all being installed. I'll post more tomorrow. If the inspectors approve everything we will be having an October Fiery Friday! Now that is exciting.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Great Students fun Classes

The road trip to McAllen was great!
McAllen Stain Glass is beautiful. The wonderful and talented Yoli Cantu is the owner. She recently received the Art Glass Associations Stained Glass retailer of the year award. See for yourself it is a beautiful store and gallery.

Yoli designed and made this

The formal Gallery

The Student's and I in the retail area with my trunk show

Friday night was the art walk and we had a steady flow of people walking in the galleries and enjoying the entertainment. Nicole was working away selling my beads and jewelry while I demo'ed making beads. Thank you Nicole!

The student were great and they made some pretty little beads on those Hot Head torches.

Bead One class

Showing Liz the tricks of making a puffy heart

Ana took both days and made some good looking beads

Now after teaching the evenings were filled with great food, good wine and time with friends. There was chocolate too! I love traveling and teaching.

I also love teaching at home in my brand new studio. The 1st official class was this Saturday Bangles bracelets. This class was offered through the NEISD adult education program. I haven't taught a jewelry class in a long time and I had forgotten how much fun they are.
I had great students who were eager to make something pretty. They learned how to make their own chain using simple links and how to attach lampwork beads and charms - I call them bangles and dangles.
When the class was over they went home with a proud smile wearing their new jewelry they made themselves!
Look at a couple of the bracelets they made!

Karen B

Sylvie D

Lampwork beads by Sam

I will definitely include this class as a regular offering.

The next trip is this next weekend to Dallas/Southlake TX I'll be teaching at Wired Up Beads another lovely studio. Can't wait !

For another perspective on the McAllen trip see Nicole's Blog
McAllen pictures by Nicole

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cover Girl who me?

What a surprise to open your email and find out there is an article about you in a magazine!
Yes I had done an interview in late July but I hadn't heard anything so I assumed not the right fit?
So I was surprised and excited when a fellow beadmaker emailed to say:
 "Hey, Sam, Got my Crafts Report the other day--love your article!!!!  Congratulations!"

I thought wow it really happened this is great! I still didn't know the "big news".
I wrote her back to ask about the issue and where she got it. That is when I found out:
" it's the October 2011 issue (and your dichro necklace is on the front cover!!!)."

Now I just about fell out of my chair. What a wonderful surprise! I haven't gotten a copy yet Crafts Report is sending me a couple. But I have now seen it! A fellow beadmaker posted it on the ISGB forum. I hope she doesn't mind that I snagged her scan.
Here it is.
As I like to say. Luck is just being prepared when opportunity knocks.
Thank you for knocking!
I feel like a Lucky girl!