Thursday, March 22, 2012

Running off to Vegas

No I'm already I'm not running off to Vegas to get married.
Yes it does involved one of the other loves in my life GLASS.
I'm going to Las Vegas to Teach at Glass Craft Expo.
Here is my class line up
Wednesday March 28th Juicy Berries

Thursday March 29th  Twist and Shout -Full but there is a waiting list

Friday March 30th Happy Skulls/Dia de los Muertos

Saturday March 31 Fiesta Beads

Dream Fire Glass Studio will be closed March 25-April 3 while I'm gone. Being a Mom and Pop business sometimes you just have to put out the "gone teaching" sign. You still have a few days to drop in and pick up anything you need to get you through the week I'm gone.
I am hoping to bring back some exciting new things for the studio.
Dichroic noodles are on the list in both COE's lots of clear ones.
We will see what else I can stuff in my suitcase.

Look out I'm going to Vegas Baby!

Monday, March 12, 2012

New COE 90 Frit Blends

Dream Fire Glass has a New Product!
COE 90 Frit blends. I finally ordered all the frit I needed from Bullseye to make the frit blends I had in mind. I got to work testing them and working out just the the right mix. I am very please with the results.
I wanted to make sure there were no unpleasant reactions and that the colors worked well together.They have all passed the final tests and are ready for you to buy. The nice thing about using Bullseye frits on Bullseye glass is you can add as much or as little as you like and never worry about a compatibility issue.
I think the Texas spring is affecting the names.

Real Mountain Laurel in my yard
  Flowers are popping out all over so a few of the frits bear the names of our Texas wild flowers like Evening Primrose a pale delicate pink, Bougainvillea a robust almost in your face hot pink, Texas Mountain Laurel well it looks like the plant in bloom, Late Summer, you know those flowers, the yellow and orange ones that hang on late into summer and  Rolling in Clover blend of greens with sparkle.

Texas Mountain Laurel Frit
Here are just a few with more to come. Blends are 2 oz's of yummy color for $4.50-$6.00

The beads to the left of the jars are made with the blends.
The long floral beads have been rolled in the frit
a minimum of 3 times to give them an interesting background. Some of the frit blends are striking colors that show their true colors after they are heated.

Rolling in Clover

Evening Primrose

Late Summer


More Blends are: Royal a Deep blend of purples, Marble Halls this is a reactive blend that gives your beads a marble look and when used with copper rich glass can give you reds, Blue Jean Baby has all the hues of blue jeans with a hint of sparkle, Troubled Waters has blues and greens with a hint of  "swirling water"


Marble Halls

Blue Jean Baby

Troubled Waters

Evening Primrose, Troubled Waters, Rolling in Clover,
Late Summer, Blue Jean Baby, Royal, Bougainvillea, Mt Laurel

These little encase donuts were rolled in the frits a couple of times and then encase in clear . They have a French vanilla base unless otherwise noted
Bougainvillea,Mt Laurel, Winter Sky,Marble Halls on Steel blue- French V- turquoise, Royal again

Dream Fire glass will continue to also carry That Frit Girl COE 96 Frits
The more Frit the Merrier! Come on over to the studio and see them in person but be careful you might have to take them home with you!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Amy Waldman Smith Classes

Amy's classes were fantastic.
 The bead crochet was challenging but Amy is such a good teacher she even got me making a pretty decent necklace. Here is my bead crochet so far. I'm at the half way point for a 18 inch necklace.

The Bead Crochet was just a warm up. The Ottoman bead class was great. Everyone learned better stringer control and some awesome "secrets" to dots and raking and much much more.

Look at the happy faces!

Amy had plenty of beautiful beads to look at and buy.

You have to keep from fading in the afternoon no matter how exciting class.
Amy brought everyone some yummy Carmel Corn  to keep our strength up. She changed planes in Chicago and well who could resist?

Saturday night Amy did a great demo for SALSA and SAGAG

These are just 2 of the beads Amy demo-ed in class they now belong to a couple of  lucky students

What a great week end!