Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What a long strange trip it has been

Long time no blog!

Life is CRAZY!
I have been on the road, in the air, back and forth and around and around.
Among the many adventures since my January post, I’ve survived snow-magedon in Georgia and taught a bunch of classes at the studio.
Wesley Fleming flew in and taught at my studio in February and it was awesome!
I’ve worked like crazy to get ready for 3 shows in Georgia this spring. Hopped on another plane and flew to Las Vegas taught 4 classes.
By the way I had awesome students this year!

Now it gets kind of not so great….. Walked into the house from Vegas and found it full of sewer water- or a mix of sewer and water softener recharge. Yep, I was greeted by smelly water sitting in the house for days while I was gone. The laminate floor is ruined the carpets destroyed anything that was touching the floor gone. Yeah and 4 days to deal with it before the next plane took off for the shows in Georgia.
Some how Super- Sam with the help of a lot of service people, insurance adjusters, my BF Denise, her hubby Tex and my great long distance hubby got it done-ish. The carpet is gone, the laminate is gone, the baseboards are gone, the house is dried out and sanitized. Now all the things that need to be moved out of rooms and closets are piled high in other rooms. This is making my house look like a messy horror but…….I’ll deal with that soon.

OK so that is why I haven’t blogged in a while and why I may not blog too often until home sweet home is restored.

Life is never boring!