Monday, July 4, 2011

Slowly but Surely

Yes it is coming along Slowly but Surely!
You know the saying about two steps forward three steps back? This seem to be the theme for the last week of June.
My most excellent husband had the glass holder for the Bullseye glass put together painted and on the wall.

So I ordered the plastic tubes and they arrived quickly. Good !

Hard to see but these are 4 foot tubes

I like the wing images the light made in the tubes
I got busy cutting them to the correct lengths  but when I tried to slip one into place..... OH NO wait the plastic tubes are just ever so slightly too big around. What happened? I ordered the right ones.
Oh yeah I remember now. It's the paint it makes the holes just one itty bit to small. So down comes the rack and the sanding begins. That is what happen when 8 years passes between putting one of these together.

My desk is painted and in place.
We did get the stat wall up and it is starting to look like the retail part of the studio is closer to being open.

coffee corner

Desk and slat wall
Now I just have to fill the walls up with fun stuff for you to buy..

Patience my most excellent students, customers and friends I'm getting there.

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