Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2012 Workshops!

Yeah! The brochure is done and going to the printer!
The website is updated with 2012's workshops.
This is an accomplishment in it's self and with my poor old computer that locks up with each task it was a monumental task.
I am glad it is done!
There are exciting workshops for 2012. Great visiting instructors and generally a whole lot so fun and learning planned.
Check it out!

Fiery Friday was a blast as usual. Look at what Nicole made during Fiery Friday. She's pretty good - for a fuser - I'm just teasing her she has become quite accomplished at the torch. Her twisted canes end up in some beautiful fused pieces.

And a reminder the open house and shopping opportunity are this week end starting Friday.
I am busy putting together some pretty trinkets to adorn yourself or gift your friends.
This is a post and run- back to work

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