Friday, February 10, 2012

Bullseye, Carlisle and Jen-Ken Thank you

You may already know that I am teaching 4 classes  at the Glass Craft Expo in Vegas this March.
I have been to Glass Craft Expo and assisted in some fusing classes but I have not taught a flame working class there.
So it is really my 1st year teaching at Glass Craft Expo. So I had a little learning curve. Each instructor is responsible for their own glass, kilns and torch set ups. The 1st call I made was to Jen-Ken  to get Chili-Pepper kilns for my classroom. Thank you Jen-Ken. Next on the list was my favorite Bullseye glass rods.They are sending all the glass we'll need for my classes. Thank you Bullseye But I was missing one important item TORCHES.
This week the phone rang and the caller ID said Carlisle I literally answered the phone "Oh I'm so glad you called I really need to talk to you". So now I have my torches for the classroom set up and all! Thank you Carlisle.

Vegas list is done!
Plane tickets - check
Room - check
Glass - check


Lovely assistant- check

Torches check

Students - check
Ready set go!
I can sleep better now that Glass Craft Expo is all taken care of.

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