Friday, December 21, 2012

OK so we are still here

Surprise the world did not come to an end today.
I was not holding my breath on that one.

But changes are coming.....................
Personally I am looking forward to 2013. The first six months will be hard work. Trying to run the studio, travel and teach, get some of my own work done and dealing with my cousin's estate.
June 12th 2013 should be the end of the waiting period - probate- and then I should be done with that.

Before my cousin passed I was already looking at a bit of a restructuring of the way I look at the studio as a business. Looking at the priorities of why I started my own studio and what I like and don't like about having a business.
I love being at the torch creating.
I love pushing myself and my students technically and creatively
I love teaching.
I love having a place where my students and friends can come and torch and learn.
So that stays
I do not like having a retail business
I do not enjoy sitting around at the studio just in case someone needs to buy something
I do not like having to be at the studio when I could be productive elsewhere.

DON"T worry I'm not closing the store. I look at the supplies as a necessary evil a convenience for  students and friends but the retail part of the store can not become the tail wagging the dog. It is not like
I sell bread or milk. Glass is not a necessity of life ( I know some of you will argue that) but it is something you can plan to get ahead.

So 2013 will mean six months of trips back and forth to Georgia and the store being closed more.
There will be classes,torch time, Fiery Fridays and National Instructors and glass, frit , tools and jewelry.
We will all have to plan a little more. I promise it will all be good.
Hang in there!

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