Saturday, August 20, 2011

ISGB Gathering 2011

I thinks it's about time I showed you some of the fun that we had at the Gathering.
These Photos are some of the picture Carlos Bazan and I took.I am so grateful that he shared his wonderful pictures with me. I was really busy with volunteering this year and I missed taking as many photos as I usually do.
My Gathering started with two full days of meetings.
No picture there....
But after the meetings there was fun

Now volunteering is really fun !
I had the pleasure of being the bus tour guide.Where I not only got to meet  friends but visit my work ands that of my friends at the Galleries.
Sharon and Janice

Gallery Jonjobe

Sam and Pendents at Jonjobe

Vicki Munie's Neptune's Horse at Flame run

Two South Region members Sam and Sage

The Bead Bazaar was great this year.

Amy Waldman- Smith She is going to teach at Dream Fire Glass

Ronit she amazes everyone each year

Annemarie and me at Annemarie's table

Shruti at my table best hugs ever!

The Banquet and silent auction were fun

Kim wins

Sam, Ellie(took her 1st class from me)and Emily

      Then at the closing party - trading there was lots of trading

Awe Shari don't be shy she loves it

Carlo's trading

Sharon draws a crowd!

Well friends that is the short version
And a good time way had by All!
Start saving for next year.

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