Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fire - Good

It is with great JOY I am announcing
Dream Fire Glass Studio is complete.

The hood is installed and working beautifully.
The gas lines are installed, safety tested and delivering O2 and propane to the torches.
the lines before the "speed bump" is installed

Girly safety-no one will trip over that!

Gas Manifolds With Shut off valves-safety 1st

The table now has a top covered in stainless steel with the exception of the middle 2' x 1' section that will have a glass mosaic installed (once I get it done).

Putting the 5' x 10' table top on

The chairs now have a place to be.

The 1st class has been taught! Below is a video- hope it works!
Fiery Friday's are back on the schedule and Classes too
Come by and see the torchroom, sign up for a class/workshop,buy some glass-tools or just say hi.
Dream Fire Glass now has Fire!
Glass, Fire, Friends and Fun!

1 comment:

  1. great sam, but your hopes for the 1st class video working did not go through.... wish you lots of luck and fun in the new space!
    laura ensign