Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's Here! The Hood!

The day we have all been waiting for the hood has arrived!
I spent the last week waiting and getting ready.It is finally here and it is now working!
Here is a quick peek at the fan-  "Big Bertha", "Ziggy" the duct work and the "Go Big or Go home" the hood

Fresh off the truck
 I'll post more about the final push on finishing the studio each day. But for now the HOOD!
Well and the fan too without that "it nova" That's no via really. I guess you have to live in South Texas for that one

Introducing "Big Bertha"
She's a big girl it took 2 men to hoist her up to the roof
dried in and ready to go- she's pretty

Now I think this part is really nice louvers that open when the fan is turned on. how smart is that?

 Now this next little part is "Ziggy" the zig we had to make around a structural beam. Kind of cute in a ductwork kind of way. Actually there were 2 Ziggy's as the 1st one was too tall.

The too Tall

Put them all together and you have a hood with lights and everything

Well that's it for tonight. We are still working away getting ready for the 1st class this Saturday.

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