Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Yummy New Glass Colors

The Bullseye Special Production Rods are here.
They came in late last week and are now all labeled and waiting for you to take them home and make some awesome beads. I have sample beads below or come by and see them in person. This is the hardest part of having a Store I want to melt all this glass myself. But I have to share!

Below Left  Raspberry Rose a yummy translucent pink and
Right Astro Yellow a really nice bright yellow with reactive properties

Next is Left Purple blue tint this is a really pretty light blue purple tint.
Right Rainforest this batch is full of green aventurine with  nice streaky stripes in hues of greens

Below Left Lavender blush tint is a very pale pink
Right Sunset sapphirine is a nice coral/with a hint of brown transparent a bit deeper in color than Sunset coral

Left Carnelian beautiful root beer transparent
Middle Deep Red very intense dark read opaque
Right Goldrush a fall yellow somewhere between sunflower yellow and butterscotch
Below is left Raspberry Rose middle Raspberry Rose over French vanilla
Right sunset sapphirine again

Below Left Carnelian Middle bottom carnelian over French Vanilla
Middle top Sunset sapphrine over French vanilla and Right Sunset Sapphirine
 Below Left Lavender opal a pale blue purple really pretty
 Right Tranlucent Sky blue when it strikes( the bead) it becomes translucent. If it does not strike( the disk) it is a pretty sky blue both are nice

Not pictured Mossy Oak- deep green with hints of brown
Wisteria- a wonderful transparent blue purple
Hematite Lustre I think the best of the Lustres

They are moving fast too. So come on in and get yours before they are gone!


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