Sunday, March 11, 2012

Amy Waldman Smith Classes

Amy's classes were fantastic.
 The bead crochet was challenging but Amy is such a good teacher she even got me making a pretty decent necklace. Here is my bead crochet so far. I'm at the half way point for a 18 inch necklace.

The Bead Crochet was just a warm up. The Ottoman bead class was great. Everyone learned better stringer control and some awesome "secrets" to dots and raking and much much more.

Look at the happy faces!

Amy had plenty of beautiful beads to look at and buy.

You have to keep from fading in the afternoon no matter how exciting class.
Amy brought everyone some yummy Carmel Corn  to keep our strength up. She changed planes in Chicago and well who could resist?

Saturday night Amy did a great demo for SALSA and SAGAG

These are just 2 of the beads Amy demo-ed in class they now belong to a couple of  lucky students

What a great week end!

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