Thursday, May 10, 2012

May is for Murrini

May is for Murrini

And  Graduations, Mothers Day and May flowers.
Today is just a short blog on the reactive murrini I've been making. I made about 5 different pulls of murrini and am testing them to see what they will do. Because they are made with reactive glass they are not going to behave like a regular murrini which means lots of test drives on different bead shapes and glass.
These are COE 90 Bullseye glass murrini - these 2 are my favorites so far.

I think it comes from being a scientist or maybe I was a scientist because of it. I take notes and make observations. I'm always recording what I did, how I did it, what worked and what didn't. It also helps me remember what I did several years down the road.
Here's a peek at a page on these murrini

Here's a look at them before they go on a bead.
Believe it or not the top right container is the top 2 beads above and the far right is the bottom 3

And here is the bunch of test beads from yesterday.
Fiery Friday is tomorrow so I think I'll make another batch and test them!
Someday I will get these murrini and beads in that etsy store I started.
As for Mothers Day - you have 2 more days to pick something up for Mom and I might just have something she wants here at the store.....Just saying. Mention the blog post and you'll get 10% my jewelry thought Saturday the 12th of May.
More on May flowers next blog.

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