Friday, February 27, 2015

February was Busy!

Yes February 2015 was a busy month.
The studio getting a nice remodel!
Finished the article for Soda Lime Times on Bullseye Pinks
The house finally returning to a place I want to live!
Finally getting to teach some classes
Hosted a wonderful guest instructor.
Getting some work done in between cold spells.

Stephanie Sersich left frozen Maine just in time to teach here in San Antonio. Lucky for everyone the weather was perfect here warm and mild. Perfect for margaritas on the patio! The only thing frozen here were the margaritas.
The real ones were better!

Stephanie taught a Spiny Knotted Bracelet class and then a 2 day off mandrel class.
The classes were awesome and a good time was had by all!
I can't wait for 2017 when she is coming back to teach here.

Stephanie Sersich and students at Dream Fire Glass Studio

I did get a chance to sit down at the torch. I am gearing up for my classes in Las Vegas at Glass Craft Expo. Got going on flowers and didn't want to stop.

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