Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cover Girl who me?

What a surprise to open your email and find out there is an article about you in a magazine!
Yes I had done an interview in late July but I hadn't heard anything so I assumed not the right fit?
So I was surprised and excited when a fellow beadmaker emailed to say:
 "Hey, Sam, Got my Crafts Report the other day--love your article!!!!  Congratulations!"

I thought wow it really happened this is great! I still didn't know the "big news".
I wrote her back to ask about the issue and where she got it. That is when I found out:
" it's the October 2011 issue (and your dichro necklace is on the front cover!!!)."

Now I just about fell out of my chair. What a wonderful surprise! I haven't gotten a copy yet Crafts Report is sending me a couple. But I have now seen it! A fellow beadmaker posted it on the ISGB forum. I hope she doesn't mind that I snagged her scan.
Here it is.
As I like to say. Luck is just being prepared when opportunity knocks.
Thank you for knocking!
I feel like a Lucky girl!

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  1. Luck - maybe so - but talent is what got you on the cover, my friend. I'm so proud for you! Congratulations!!! :^)