Monday, April 9, 2012

Fiesta is coming!

Fiesta is just around the corner here in San Antonio. It is time to start decorating your front door with a big bright Fiesta wreath. Get those bright bold clothes out of the back of the closet. Make sure your Fiesta hat is covered in colorful streamers, flowers, medals and what ever floats your boat. Hee Hee - floats your boat get it?( We have a River Parade where else do you have a parade on a river?)

This last Saturday at Dream Fire Glass we prepared for San Antonio's annual celebration by making Fiesta beads. We make Star pinatas, Whirling Flamenco skirts and some flower garland beads. The little girls wear the paper flower garlands as crowns.
Here are some of the lovely beads we made in class

I also taught this class at Glass Craft Expo in Vegas and the students made equally lovely beads I just didn't get any pictures to post.

Viva Fiesta!


  1. Everyone needs a little Fiesta sometimes - the pinata stars are so lovely!
    Greetings, Michi

  2. I'm getting out my piñata pendant this week. Yea Fiesta!