Friday, April 27, 2012

Wow April is almost gone

I keep asking that question in this blog. Where did the time go?
I know time flies when you are having fun but I didn't realize I was having that much fun!
Taxes are not fun I know I did those since the last post. I have been having fun with the Fiesta open torches and the Berries class this week. I'm working hard to get a pendant finished and photographed for the ISGB pendant show. The beads are done now I have to get her put together.

You can tell from the quality of my photos the camera is on it's last leg. It still takes some good pictures but a new camera is on the wish list. I will miss this on it is a Kodak EasyShare a really old one. It was so easy to use and it took some really nice pictures but with all things made of plastic "stuff" Breaks and the toggle that controls everything no longer works and it doesn't recognize the card anymore so I can take exactly 11 pictures and can not change the settings. Now aren't you glad I share that!

I have been working on flowers of all kinds. There are 2 classes I am teaching here at Dream Fire Glass Studio you might want to take if these flower beads are what you want to make.
Sculptural Flowers- May 26

Encased Florals May 27
In this class you will learn to make floral cane and use it to make the flowers on the outside and the inside of a bead

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