Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Back to Seattle and the ISGB Gathering

Monday came too fast and it was time to get back on the road. We headed for Seattle/ Bellevue and the Gathering. You do have to stop and eat so we stopped in Olympia. Walked around a bit and enjoyed the cool air.

Nicole had packed an amazing gourmet lunch from our leftovers. Those were some leftovers!
Salmon cakes,roasted veggies and local cheese on a fresh bagette. We sat on the pier and enjoyed the fresh air and lunch
We arrived at the hotel in Bellevue in time to set up for tomorrows class.

This is a beautiful Hyatt and the staff was wonderful!
One big classroom!
You can barely see the green folders and tools on the table with the torches.

Bullseye donated rod

Everything is set up and ready for tomorrows class.
I headed back to the hotel which was a little bit of a hike. But there was a reward when I got to the room.
I found out my student back in San Antonio arranged for the Bellevue Hyatt to make my stay special!
Thank you Lori and the Bellevue Hyatt management. Best Hyatt Stay yet!
Yes it is all about the food- and fun

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