Sunday, August 5, 2012

Time to catch up

I need to catch up on blogging.
There were too many days that the doing was way more fun than the talking about it. So the blog suffered.
When I last blogged we were in Portland. I will start there.
The "crash pad" was fantastic!
Great view

Mt St Helen's- I think

Good healthy food

Plenty of exercise

My house is one story so this was exercise

I didn't get many pictures the day we went to the Portland Farmers market and then the Art fair but a friend snapped this one. Yes caught in the act of getting a Henna Tattoo. Friends and Family DO NOT freak out it is Henna and gone already as I write this blog. The leaves of the vine were flames. If you haven't had a Henna Tattoo they go on black and fade to brownish red and in a week or two they are gone. This one is long gone but was fun!
Henna Tattoo

More tomorrow........

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