Friday, September 7, 2012

First week of September

September seed pods
How does the time slip away so fast? For anyone with children the answer is easy. No matter where they are in their lives or how old they are they need you. This time of year is dedicated to getting those kiddo's to school. Most of them are settling into the first week of school and we are all trying to find a routine.
Right now I am actually longing for a routine. A day to day routine when things are planned and executed. What is that saying "man plans and the gods laugh"? Yep they think I am hysterical .

Fall is time to do "The Texas Teaching Tour" It is time to head both North and South Texas to visit some mighty fine studios. I will be in Dallas-Grapevine area /Southlake Texas this next weekend teaching at Wired Up Beads check out their web site to see the classes offered. I am hoping to have a little trunk show at a friends house in Dallas Monday and Tuesday before I head back to San Antonio.

I won't be home long because it will be time to turn the car South and to McAllen where I will be teaching at McAllen Stain Glass .

I will back long enough to teach agroup of Houston Hotties a Dichroic glass Class!

I need to get the camera out and take more pictures. Well that's it for today it is time to get ready for Fiery Friday at the studio.

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