Friday, September 14, 2012

Road Trip Day One

All I can say is the trip to Dallas was not fun! It was a perilous journey fraught with blinding rain, flooded roads, really scary lighting and engine trouble. The normal drive up 281 is beautiful and easy. It was until I got to Marble Falls. I was planning on getting gas there and as I topped the hill at Round Mountain the sky over Marble Falls was dark and you could see the wall of rain. Darn it pumping gas even in a covered gas station I got really wet from the rain was blowing in the bay. Then there was the lighting it made you wonder how smart it is to be pumping gas when lighting is striking all around you. I called my friend Denise and ask her to pull up the radar and see what I was driving into. A Big red cell on the radar!
About the north side of Burnett the rain was coming down so hard you couldn't see but a few car length in from of me  20 -40 MPH was as fast as you could go. There was no place to pull over and to add to the fun my check engine light came on- GREAT. So I crawled along with the flashers on from Burnett to Lampasas. At that point I was glad there was a Ford dealership in Lampasas because smoke was pouring out of the engine compartment. YEAH- Getting from the car to the dealership door I was soaked. After an hour and a half in the waiting room at the dealership the mechanic came in with a piece of metal and said" you are going to need this when you get the car fixed"
WHAT THE........ a bearing had gone out on a clip in the back of the engine  - clip that opens and closes the intake manifold but I still had one and they were confident I could drive around with one till I get home. The smoke was all the water from the road on the hot engine lovely.
Back on the road.............more really bad rain and storms.........then sunshine then storms.
Finally after passing a few spun out cars in Dallas I made it! Looking like a drowned rat but in one piece

Today is the Fiesta Bead Call as WUB.Wired UP Beads

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