Monday, September 17, 2012

More Classes at WUB

Saturday Morning we got to see the beads everyone made in the Fiesta bead class on Friday. All the beads were gorgeous. We soaked a few in Sparex to remove the fire scale from the turquoise. I use CLR at home but Wired Up Beads teaches metal classes and so there is a pot of "pickle" ready to go. I wish I had the after picture of Babette's bead(front right) it is beautiful turquoise now.

I think Myrt liked the class!

Saturdays class was all about the fish! Well we did throw in a few sea urchins and starfish too but it was all about the fish. There are no bad beads only potential fish and the best thing is you just can't mess up a fish. The things that "ruin" a bead only make a fish .............well fishier

WE had a real treat during lunch not only did we get yummy food but Patti gave us an impromptu lesson on using some of her Wubber tools. I am working on getting her to come and teach at Dream Fire to teach!

Then it was time to get back to "frying fish"

This one doesn't seem to mind his tail being on fire!

Here is the fish I left behind as a thank you to WUB

The day wasn't over yet. The Grapevine Bead Society meeting was at Wired Up beads that night and they ask me to demo. Fishy eye murrini or maybe they were monster eye murrini for next months GBS challenge.

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