Thursday, January 12, 2012

2 Days until the Grand Opening!

Wow time is flying.
My last post I had 10 days to get ready. By the time this posts it will really be closer to one day away.
I can guarantee I've been busy.
Just after the holiday break we made some changes in the gallery. Now there is a little bit more jewelry and glass displayed. I've added  few more tools on the wall.
The Bullseye glass order came in yesterday. I measure out the  frit  in 2 oz containers. It is just the right size for beadmakers who want to sample a new color. Those are now labelled and hanging on the wall. The rods are all labeled  and ready to purchase. The labelling of each rod is again a beadmaker thing. Most beadmakers use many different COE's of glass and having each one labeled is a great way to keep them from getting mixed up.
The pinata and its goodies are in the studio waiting for the "stuffing process". If you have never had a pinata before there are things you have to do before it is ready to have the stuffing beat out of it. You have to find just the right spot to cut a tiny opening just big enough for the largest item going in. Now you just can't cut a hole anywhere because you might compromise the structure and the last thing you want is the pinata to burst open on the 1st hit. So I've been studying it and the prizes and I'm not sure yet. I think that can wait until manana.
OK I promised I would post the schedule here. So loosely here it is:

10 am  the doors open and breakfast refreshments will be available
11 am  1st Demo
12 noon we break out the wine and other yummy things
1 pm Demo
2 pm Demo
3 pm Demo
4 pm We go out back and hit the stuffing out of that pretty little pinata
5 pm Demo
5:30 announce the prize winners
6 pm we will be drinking wine and enjoying each others company and wishing that it wasn't over.

Want to know more about the prizes?
This is how it is going to work when you come in the door you will get a ticket. You will right your name and contact information on the ticket. There will be several prizes each one will be in front of a container. You will put your tickets in the container of the prizes you want to win.
The longer you stay the more tickets you get- one every hour
The pinata will also have lots of tickets in it.
Now for those loyal customers who have purchased from me here at the new location.
Don't worry if you can't make it. I have tickets for you based on your purchases and those will go in the container for the $50.00 gift certificate to Dream Fire Glass for any purchase (except visiting instructors)

Can't Wait! Hope to see you there.

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