Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fun in the Torchroom

I have a minute to catch my breath and post some photos.
The beginning bead class this weekend was fantastic! Great students and great fun.
I did forget to stop and take a picture of this class. Darn!
I've been saving a few photos of fun and learning going on here at Dream Fire Glass Studio.

Fiery Friday

Fiery Friday

Very productive Fiery Friday

 Beginning Bead Class

Hot Head Torches to start out!

The fun and learning continues........
Here's what 's happening in February
This coming weekend Saturday February 4th is the Heart Class.
Hollow Beads on Sunday February 5th
Open torch February 8th and 22nd
Fiery Friday February 10th
Bangle Bracelet with hearts February 11th
Torchwork for the Fuser February 12th
Beadmaking 1 is at Southwest School February 18th
Beadmaking 2 is back here at Dream Fire February 19th

Dream Fire Glass Studio will be closed February 25th
So I can help with the SAGAG workshop
Well that's it for today
I will leave you with a few hearts fresh out of the kiln

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  1. Gotta Love Fiery Friday...

    And Gotta Love Sam for taking time away from the studio to help other artists further their development at the SA glass guild workshop. Thanks Sam!