Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What's in the Mailbox

I was stalking the mailbox early in January.Well not actually stalking it because it doesn't really go anywhere.
I ordered the Convergence II and III exhibition catalogs and was diligently watching to see if the mail had come each day
Lulu press had printed them and they are were on their way.

I have a piece in each of the catalogs. I know I have mentioned these before but I think they deserve one more look.
The Convergence II catalog has Persephone's Lot a necklace I collaborated with Liza Connell on.
Liza made the beautiful PMC findings and leaves. I did the design work and of course made the beads.
Persephone's Lot just arrived safe and sound from its travels.

In the Convergence III catalog is Gaudi. Now this necklace is something else.

 Peggy Potts and I worked for months on this one. We got together a minimum of once a week and planned and sketched and negotiated the design. I enjoyed the give and take and the process and the end result well it stunned us both.
Peggy did all the fantastic silversmith work. She handmade every silver component from the breastplate to the tiniest bead caps,yes she even made the chain.  I made the beads boy did I make beads. We made our final selections of beads and put Gaudi together.

You may wonder what is Gaudi- who is Gaudi? He was an architect that Peggy and I both admire and the necklace is based on his work, primarily the Basilica of the Sagrada Família

The catalogs arrived and are beautiful. They document our modern bead history and are some great eye candy.I had to have them because not only do I have pieces in them but so do my friends and students.
SALSA President Vicki Munie and her mother Betty have pieces in both catalogs.
Now I'm going to settle in and enjoy everyone's work.

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