Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Grand Opening in 10 Days

The official, here it is,
Dream Fire Glass Grand Opening is January 14th 2012.
Yes I have been open. Yes I have taught classes, made sales etc. So why a Grand Opening?
 I look at the past few months as getting ready for the Studio, Store and Me to become official, ready to say well we did it it is real.
I wanted to make sure the "bugs were worked out" and settle in.
Most brand new businesses wait a few weeks or months before their grand openings so why not.
Why January 14th? Well it is a Saturday and it is the New Year 2012. Let’s just say I like the date it seemed like a good day for a new beginning.

My main question is what the heck is one supposed to do for a grand opening?
I really don’t know what is the proper thing to do for a grand opening.
When your "store" is your studio it is a little different than a shop in the mall or strip center. I'm not really looking for the walk in traffic. So far the "walk-ins" are not looking for art glass they think I sell auto glass or fireplace glass or want to sell me fresh fruit.
 The customers I want pretty much know exactly what they want before they find me. Word of mouth from my loyal customers brings in new students, beadmaking customers and glass collectors.
My website brings people to me and yes even this blog.
So why a grand opening?
Well to me it is a great big ole birthday party for the Studio.
Who comes to your birthday party? Friends and Family people you care about and care about you.
You are my glass Friends and Family. You are my wonderful students and great customers.  So who better to come and celebrate this little dream come true than you!

What are we going to do?
Well there will be a piñata - it is San Antonio - no the glass will not be in the piñata but there will be prizes.
I picked out some good stuff and there will be several ways to win.
I'm going to have product demonstrations through out the day. If you have ever wonder how to use a particular tool or what does that glass do in the flame this will be enlightening.
There will be snacks and refreshment.
Yes there will even be things you can buy, glass, jewelry, beads, tools and classes you can sign up for.
Mostly we will just hang out, enjoy each others company and rejoice that there is a flameworking playground right here in San Antonio.
If you are reading this blog you are invited.
See ya Saturday January 14th 2012! 

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