Friday, May 27, 2011

Around the Corner

You know when you move into a new neighborhood how much fun it is to explore what is there?
This week I took a look around my "new" neighborhood where Dream Fire Glass studio is located
I have lived in San Antonio 30 years and I have driven down West Avenue too many time to count. This time I was looking at it with new eyes. I wasn't just going from point A to point B. I was really looking at what was there.

I was happy to find a Fire Station just a few blocks from the studio.

Why so Happy? Well beside the obvious reason. I have always had a good working relationship with the fire inspectors. I aways get a "gold star" for the proper storage of my O2 tanks and the correct amount and placement of fire extinguishers etc. Knowing they are right around the corner makes me feel safe.

Another welcome neighbor is Jeff's Backyard this is where I get my propane refilled. I love this place they are so nice and have a rewards program for filling you tanks! I also got an awesome tray to cook my veggies on the grill there.

Everyone needs place to buy grocery. Now there are plenty of grocery stores in San Antonio but knowing where the closest one is helps. Good to know there is a great grocery store just up the street.
Then if I just need to grab a soda there is a great little convenience store across the street.
Need a breakfast taco (yes we eat tacos for breakfast here in the land of the pinata) all I have to do is walk across the street to La Cocinita (little kitchen) the bacon and egg tacos are to die for! yum

Speaking of across the street there is a chocolate shop. YES a chocolate shop and you can walk there too.

Here is other place to get into food trouble.......One of my naughty fast food treats is thankfully not in walking distance but close enough to get me in trouble! I found out that lots of people have cravings for this fried treat!

Last but not least an old favorite Panchito's.
Many a happy evenings have been spent here with friends and family.
There will be many more to come. Maybe to many for my waistline.
Remember what happens at Panchito's Stays at Panchito's
After a long day at the torch where else would you want to be?
I say on the patio with a refreshing beverage.

Dream Fire Glass Studio's location is convenient to so many different place to get food and refreshment, you will have a hard time deciding where to have lunch or dinner after class.
We will never run out of propane and if you need to catch a plane it is less than 10 minutes from the airport.

Hope you enjoyed the neighborhood tour.
Now I had better get busy getting the torch room up and running!

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