Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pull up a Chair

Today I took two tall swivel "bar stools" to the studio. Now I have 3 chairs a phone and Internet. No table yet, we are going to build that, but I think I have decided how big the table will be. Having the chairs there really helped see how much room everything will take up. The table is now a outline of blue painters tape on the floor.
I recently covered these chairs for the studio. The material that came on the chairs was not  pretty and it was a synthetic which would have melted if hot glass landed on it. The replacement material is a thick 100% cotton - Like bluejeans if you get the hot glass off it quickly it is OK and much less likely to melt the chair to your leg.

I thought I'd share how I did it - Here is a "tutorial" in  recovering a simple chair.
First you have to remove the old material some people like to just cover it but for these swivel chairs it would have been to bulky.

Before OK but meltable and boring
 First you have to find the screws that hold the bottom to the swivel mechanism and remove them. Then the chair bottom will come right off

Remove the old material I cut it off with an exacto knife. Save the underneath covering (black) if it has one

You will need a staple gun and the new material

Staple the new material on and make sure it is pulled tight! Then I duct tape down the raw edges

Staple that bottom cover you saved    
Looking good now align the screws and put it back together.

All finished! Pull up a chair and torch a while!

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  1. I like the swivel chairs! (And I like the bright, fun fabric you updated them with!)