Friday, May 20, 2011

Got it done!

Today I worked on and submitted a proposal to teach at the 2012 Gathering.
I was thinking I had everything ready to go and it would be a simple matter of cutting pasting a little tweaking and hit send. I was having dinner at a friends house and thought I'll double check everything and send it from her house. All this before midnight today piece of cake. Yeah right.................I forgot about the thwart factor.
Renaming and tweaking takes way longer than you would think.
Got that done with time to spare. Hit send..... ERROR .. that's not good

Well my email is set up in some sort of strange configuration. Sometimes when I move from one hot spot to another my email will receive but not send. You will not thwart my efforts computer!
I can fix this hurry and go to another email system I use with my computer. Cut and paste the email, re-attach all the photos and applications etc. Ok how did it get to be 10:45 PM ?
Crossed my finger hit send and yes off it went,
So we shall see if I am a good fit or not for 2012.
Here is a sneak peek

Tiny Worlds: Creating a scene with small murrini

This 2-day workshop explores the miniature world of murrini. Students will learn to create murinni that represent components of a predetermined scene. Students will be ask to bring color photos of a scene they would to recreate inside a bead. This could be nature, a painting or anything that has small components in it.
We will be using COE 90 glass to create these tiny worlds in the beads. All skill learned can be used will any soft glass.

What do you think sound interesting?
Here are some examples


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