Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Busy Day

Today was a busy day.
The movers came early in the morning and really got things done quickly.
I am sharing the building with Dos Mimi's Studio. They have been in this building for several years and their work area/studio was one of the rooms flooded. The room that will be the torch room which has a concrete floor was fill to the brim with everything from the rest of the studio. The movers moved and the Mimi's had things in order in no time. They cleared the space that will be mine and it was so nice to see the floor and have space to walk around in.

Now I can start getting quotes on the hood and the gas lines!
I have to make a decision on the size of the torch table. I'm thinking 5 ft by 10 ft maybe even 12 ft but that may be too much for the space. I say the more the merrier and the bigger the table the more people can sit comfortably at the torch.

Today I also figured out how to set up my wireless Internet and got it up and going.
Now that may not seem all that hard but I've never done it before so I was a little proud of myself when everything worked.

I am already missing being at the torch. One reason my business is called Dream Fire is when I'm not torching I actually dream about melting glass. Last night in my dreams I made a beautiful clear glass vessel with transparent aqua petals on it with a stopper that had an aqua flower winding out of it. Yes a vivid dream. I'll have to sketch that one and try making it when I'm really torching.

Now for some beads. Because this blog is useless with out pictures!


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