Monday, May 16, 2011

The Perfect Storm

You know how the world seems scrubbed clean after a storm?
The air is fresh and invigorating the leaves seem greener and the sky bluer.

The new studio is almost to the fresh and clean stage.

A perfect storm is a confluence of events that drastically aggravates a situation.
This is the confluence of events that are drastically aggravating me!

A few weeks ago the space next door had a toilet "malfunction" which caused clean water to flow through my new studio space. I understand it was almost ankle high.

Good News: I have all new carpet and a fresh coat of paint throughout the whole space. I have plenty of time to think and plan.

I was planning to paint the walls in my office/break room and was going to live with the carpet it was not my favorite color. The flood damaged the carpet beyond just drying it out and putting it back in. The walls were soaked and needed to have holes drilled into them all around the bottom. This is to let air in to dry out the sheet rock under the panelling. For a week and a half  fans were blowing like crazy and the air-conditioning set really low to dry out  the walls. Finally the repair crew  painted and put in the new carpet. They are working on the bathroom flooring as I type.

Bad News: I can't get started as soon as I want in the torch room.

I am sharing the new studio space with two lovely ladies who fuse.They have been in this space for a few years and have a complete fusing studio. Everything was moved into the warehouse space so the crew could  paint and put in carpet. We can barely move through the warehouse/torch room right now. To add to this
 my main movers are not going to be available for 3 weeks due to a much deserved vacation. So I'm waiting doing small but productive things. I want to be getting big things done.

Here is a corner of my office space
Before : Old wood panelling and bare floor not pretty 

After: New paint, carpet and molding- pretty
Tomorrow we celebrate the working phone line!

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