Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Inertia of Motion?

Do you ever feel like you are not getting anywhere?
Even though I know I have accomplished a lot this week I feel like I'm not moving.  I have to wait before I can start getting the big things done. Right now the table, the hood and the gas lines are on hold while I get bids and work on code requirements. I feel like I'm not moving fast enough not getting enough done. I want to have the studio finished and be sitting at the torch. I want Fiery Fridays I want it all now!
I'm sure my students feel the same way.

So what did I get done?

Chairs Yes more chairs.
If the table is going to accommodate 8-10 people then I needed more chairs. I did a little running around town looking for tall bar stools. I didn't find anything so I went to the place should have gone first. I knew Home and Patio had the best selection and yes the best prices. I was in luck 6 very nice sturdy quality chairs on sale! They are really comfortable and they swivel. Now they will need a change in color (going to have them sprayed black) and replace the seat covers with non flammable material. So think black chairs not this crazy "wood" tone and pretty bright colors for the seat covers.

Put together chair
As you can see only one chair is all put together. I was thrilled to find out the rest of the chairs were not put together yet. That way I don't have to take them apart to have them painted they can go strait into the spray booth!
I measured out the 5 foot by 10 foot table on the floor and outlined it's footprint in blue painters tape. That way I can walk around the imaginary table with the "chairs" and see if it is going to work before we build the actual table. So far so good. I can walk around with room to spare.

OK! it's clear:
An object in motion stays in motion...........even if the motion is not fast enough for me!
The studio is still moving forward.

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